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VIVEPORT Payouts - Community Letter (July '18)


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Hi Developers–


While our intent is that VIVEPORT developers get prompt payments, we are aware that some of you have had issues with our payout process. The process is a bit complex since it requires compliance with several global laws regarding banking and taxation. We have also discovered some gaps in our internal systems where we were unable to properly communicate missing information back to developers promptly, causing payment requests to get stuck in the process.


If you were impacted, we have tried reaching out to you, but may have been unsuccessful (potentially due to incorrect email and phone information). To complete any lingering first-time payouts, we will need your cooperation, since in some cases we face:


  • Missing or incorrect bank information
  • Missing or incorrect tax forms


If you are not currently in touch with us, please submit a request here. Select VIVEPORT under the dropdown “Type”, and provide us your title’s name and the account name the title was published under.


Our developer community is what makes VIVEPORT thrive. We continue to improve the ease of use of our entire development platform.


Thank you for your patience and understanding,



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