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Can't load content into headset


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A friend got the full Vive rig for his Mac including an external GPU box (Sonnet puck with AMD 570), and we've had some problems getting it working.
We got everything to work properly for the 5-step setup tutorial, creating the room's active area and such. But we just can't figure out how to get any other content to display in the headset.
We tried loading various games from the Steam site, but the headset wouldn't display them. At one point we loaded a Sketchfab model. The view of the model on the Mac was definitely being controlled by the orientation of the headset, but inside the headset was nothing but black.
And that's all the success we've had. It seems to me the tutorial should have a step 6 to show you how to start loading content onto it.
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, the issue you're encountering is most likely that few developers have created binaries that run on MacOS. Overall, there aren't a ton of binaries on Steam with support MacOS (~500) and VR on the Mac is overall in a very early stage. 


This is something that will improve with time and adoption but it will require the developer community's participation to make happen.  This is why the Vive is not currently marketed as a consumer device on the Mac front but is rather seeded out to developers as a devkit via Apple directly. These seed kits will result in additional binaries for MacOS but it will take time. 


It looks like Overload is an example of a binary that will run in VR mode on a Mac


Per Sketchfab, similar situation - WebXR is overall pretty early. I'd recommend trying a different browser to see if you can get a WebXR rendering properly within the HMD. 

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It turns out that the problem was being caused by the HDMI cable that was connected to the computer's second monitor. It's a very long directional HDMI cable, and it was pointed in the wrong direction. Not sure why that second monitor is necessary at all, or why that would have any impact on what's happening in the headset, but that's what it was.

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