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Vive Tracker won't work. SteamVR say its a binding error


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I've got 2 vive tracker, one v1.0 and one v2.0 and I can't seem to make them work, they are perfectly sync, the light is green and I can see them on steamVR (a green vive tracker logo) and I can see them with my headset on in the dashboard  (I see a grey unfinished model of a vive tracker though).

Everytime I try to lauch a compatible game like Virtual Sports, Duck Season or Arizona Sunshine steam dashboard  pop up on my headset and it gives my a Binding error.

It says: Failed to input bindings for [game's name]. Please select another binding option.

When I try to tweak the binding option or to select vive tracker as my input, steam dashboard crash and the steam dashboard screen fo binding option goes black (but the application is still running and don't crash, I can still go home or go back to my library)

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 - I agree with , both the SteamVR beta branch as well as the main branch are currently a bit temperamental due to the addition of new features mainly surrounding Knuckles. You can start off by exiting the beta branch and trying the main branch.

That said, there are some known bugs within the main branch update that specifically affect Vive trackers. You may actually wish to revert to the temporary branch that Valve is hosting specifically to address these issues. Information about that temporary branch can be found here: SteamVR v1527117754 Branch Added

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