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Updater Stealing Focus


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I just got a Vive Pro around few weeks ago, and it's been fantastic, but I have encountered an annoyance - specifically that the Updater program steals the focus from games, leaving you staring at the desktop (at least I would be if I took the headset off).


The current version in question is


I've done a quick search of the forums, and the only post I could find related to this was from 2 years ago, specifically this one: http://community.viveport.com/t5/General-Vive-Discussion/How-to-stop-vive-app-from-stealing-focus-when-updating/td-p/3608


If you could fix that, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I second this. Searching around the only mention I could find was this thread and the link you posted in it.


The post linked above is 2 years old, and is ac acknowledged by staff even, and still no fix.

I realize the Vive Pro software is a tad newer than that but the Updater probably isn't so why is this not fixed yet??


The only other mention I found was a reddit post where the concensus was "uninstall everything named vive or HTC" which I guess is fair enough. But it's a shame to have to resort to such measures.


Please fix this HTC


// Regards Mattias

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You don't have to uninstall all of the HTC software, just stop any of it from running at start up - including any services (by setting them to manual start) - but excluding the HTC Identity Service (which doesn't seem to do anything). I suspect you'll have to change the settings in the Viveport software to prevent startup and updates as well (which I'm going to find out after emailing the logs to tech support as requested).


Further information to help solve the issue:


The version number can be found by simply hovering the mouse over the Updater program in Windows, or you can right-click it and select properties to get the information.


This computer has nothing on it but a barebones installation of Windows 10 Home with the latest update (10.0.16299 Build 16299 as of writing this) and latest drivers, Steam, Battle.net, various games, and the Vive software. It's a dedicated gaming rig, so I don't even have other web browsers installed.


The only exception to this is one program I had to install to track this down: a program called Windows Focus Logger. This program simply tells you what program steals the focus, and whether or not it's visible. The benefit of having a computer with nothing on it is simple: there's only one 'Updater' program. The Updater is never visible, and does not show any dialogue in the headset, or on the desktop. It simply steals the focus. Think of it like alt+tab, but without the key presses. Here's a quick example using Notepad and Microsoft Edge:




If tech support needs me to run the Focus Logger program and catch Updater, let me know, and I'll re-enable everything. Also, thanks for the email. The logs have finished updating with the trace number: 20180718132242.


Additionally, Sparhawk765 made a good point about the Updater not being updated. Viveport had another update ready for me when it started, and the version number of Updater did not change after the update was complete.

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