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Connecting viveport to smartphone


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Ok, so i wanted to use this feature for receiving notifications from my phone while playing, it sounded useful.

But a few days later i still can't get it connected. here's what i tried.


* basestations have the latest update and viveport is running the latest version too.

*the phone (galaxy s9) has the vive app. Bluetooth is on, on the phone.

*as instructed i run the connect your phone thing on viveport and running the vive app on the same time. on the phone message arrive saying that it will be visible for 300 seconds. after a while the pc timeout saying it didnt find a phone.


just to clarify its supposed to use the bluetooth of the basestations right. Because while my motherboard is supposed to support BT 4.1 im having issues getting it to work.


I would appreciate any assistance

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