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How to use the DLC api?


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It's not clear what to do according to this



If my first DLC is in a folder GameDLC1, second DLC in GameDLC2, and named 'Map1' and 'Map2' respectively on Viveport


should I copy the folders to











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, which engine are you using and how are you implementing DLC? This path will vary by engine and implementation strategy hence why the instructions only guide you to list the respective DLC assets path in a generic fashion. 


If your engine is configured to expect the assets to be in \GameDLC1 & \GameDLC2 then they should be there respectively to test the implementation. As you can see in the examples, the Viveport "title" on the documentation example is "DLC_Test" but the assets are housed in "DLC_Folder". I will have someone from this team pop into this thread and verify that my answer is correct. 

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Hello shapesim: 


If the submitting asset of your DLC package is packed as a folder structure , like  \GameDLC1\xxx or \Map1\xxxx, then you should copy the assets to 

C:\ProgramData\HTC\Vive\ViveApps\{APP_ID}\{VERSION}\GameDLC1 or 


Otherwise, it should be in C:\ProgramData\HTC\Vive\ViveApps\{APP_ID}\{VERSION}\



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