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Vive accessories

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I bought my Vive a couple of months ago and love the thing and would like to upgrade and get the trackers but I am not sure if there are enough games that can use them.  Are there enough games that support the trackers (more into being able to take my feet into VR than used a gun).  And how many trackers would I need, and do they come with straps.


I also am wondering how the people who post on Youtube are able to project their image into the VR experience.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Tracker support is kind of complex since some experiences also require physical hardware in addition to the tracker. Steam doesn't have the ability to filter tracker enabled experiences. Viveport does allow you to filter out tracker input so we have a running list going, but it is by no means is a ecosystem wide comprehensive list.  VRChat is particularly notable for being one that's integrated full body (feet) tracking. We do not manufacter straps and we recommend rebuff reality's straps. 


I assume you're likely describing mixed reality, which is actually one of the leading uses of tracker. Essentially you create a virtual camera that's in 6dof space and tie it to a real world camera. Using greenscreens and compositing tricks, you're able to to properly composit a person inbetween the depth layers. Having a tracker is really helpful for this. You'll need a greenscreen and a camera at the low end of things (but both Mixcast and Liv have integrations that allow you to skip the screen screen for a depth camera). I'd recommend looking at Liv's website and discord server as they'll give you a pretty in depth idea of how to make these videos. 

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Thanks for the information.


Had one more question if you didn't mind.  Games like Ruckus Ridge it says you can have more people playing with controllers, which looks like fun... but how do you hook that up?  It looks like people are either using Xbox or Playstation controllers when I see it on youtube, and while I have those controllers (xbox) I haven't the slightest idea how to hook it up.  I use a laptop to run VIVE and my 2 USB are taken up by an external HD and the Vive.


Thanks again

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Much like the broader PC gaming ecosystem, all of these things will vary heavily depending on how the developer implemented it. 


In the case of Xbox controllers, that's something that's baked into Windows itself and thus is very standardized to be plug and play. Playstation controllers are not technically supported by Windows per Sony's restrictions but Steam has recently implemented support for these controllers within the Steam Client's ecosystem. The generalized approach would be to use DS4Windows to enable a support layer. 


Per the USB issue, you'd likely need a USB hub to attach additional devices. I wouldn't recommend plugging the Vive into a hub but it should be fine for the other devices. Be sure to purchase the fastest one compatible with your PC (USB 3 or 3.1 if your hw supports it) which should add some forward compatibility without costing too much additionally. 

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