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Viveport Platform UX?


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I'm a fan of the Vive HMD. I've enjoyed using the Vive HTC and now have a Vive Pro to play with. The SteamVR Home app is easy enough to use and pretty intuitive to use. It works pretty well too.


However, the Viveport app is a bit disappointing for me. Maybe I just don't get it. Most of my disappointment has to do with the user experience for it. The narrow platform seems to lead into a bigger hangar type of space with the large Vive logo on it at the end, but I can't teleport anywhere in it, other than a few meters forward or aft onto the same narrow platform. I see ghosted figures walking around the station below me, and pods that look interesting as well, but none of it seems accessible. The only thing that has any real interactivity is the scrollable billboard and shelves of titles to buy/rent/preview. And that gets boring real fast once I've looked at all I care to look at. There needs to be some discover, or fun that can be had in the Viveport station.


Consider the SteamVR home room. In it users can use it to demo the use of VR to new users. There are interactive items on shelves, there are butterflies to interact with outside, statuary, furniture, etc. It's a lot more interesting than the Viveport is- which is a shame because I'm a scifi kind of guy and the Viveport LOOKS so good, but is really meaningless to the experience. It may as well just be a blank wall with the tiled titles on it.


Anyone feel the same way? Or is there some kind of leveling-up I need to do to be able to actually do something fun with the space?

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