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Audio is really low quality only in vr

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Hello, i have an issue with my vive headset. Whenever i play vr, the audio in my headphones that are plugged into the vive is really poor quality and sounds tinny/grainy. the kind of thing you would hear out of 1$ headphones. My headphones are fine when im not using vr, but when i am they are terrible. and it really ruins the expirience. please help asap 

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, basically what  said. Typically, under a default setup you should see two drivers - one that's USB based (it often has USB, or Multimedia Device in the name) and if you're on an Nvidia card, one that's based on the Nvidia GPU. Many have better experiences using the Nvidia driver. You may have to tweak settings within "Devices -> Playback" under Window's sound setting to Disable the one that's giving you issues. 


You'll also likely want to check that the 3.5mm audio cable is completely inserted.

shows how to access the compartment that hosts the IO. 
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