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  1. How about RAM? Are you overclocking your RAM as well? If you are, try not to OC RAM.
  2. That is so true. I have seen other wireless adapter users reported overclocking ram caused their wireless not working.
  3. I would suggest you unplug and reinsert Wigig card and uninstall and reinstall the driver (wireless software).
  4. Maybe try the latest SteamVR Beta? Valve fixed something about audio in 1.9.8 https://steamcommunity.com/games/250820/announcements/detail/1714113379472424936 But not sure if that will help your case tho. -Fixed audio static when mirroring to an output with a different sample rate than the source.
  5. https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download/VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.1.2.0.msi
  6. I believe you need to install SRanipal. Once you start the wireless connection, if SRanipal doesn't start, you can manually start it. https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-sranipal-sdk/
  7. Do you think it is a connection issue(USB/HDMI/Battery) during the game session? I would place the whole HMD in a fixed postion (with good signal). Just leave it there and see if you are still getting a disconnection issue. If you are, maybe you may consider RMA your wirelss kit.
  8. I am in the seating position too but like I replied in the previous comment, I have no such problem . I turned on AC tho. (Room temp was 26~28 degrees I believe)
  9. Even with AC turned on and you still had 35 degrees in your room? Wow you city/place is warm I must say.
  10. Thanks for sharing. When you said you covered 2 sensors on HMD that allowed you using your VIVE for 2 hours without seeing flickering gray problem, was your room tempertaure in 35 degrees too? Like the same enviornment and same condition as you did before, but this time u only covered those 2 sensors and you could run your VIVE for 2 hours. Very interesting fix for your case. It was hot yerterday and room temp was like 30- 32 degrees but I turned on my AC which made my room like 26-27 degrees. I was able to play VIVE for one hour straight.
  11. FYI. Base station firmware update link created by Valve. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamVR/HowTo_Update_Firmware
  12. Shall be 17. You can see the photo in the link I provided.
  13. Use your android phone(if you have one) and take a photo of your lighthouse. Check if you have 17 lights. http://imgur.com/a/TCk0I
  14. If you upgrade your firmware for your lighhouses, would that solve your problem?
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