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Displayport to HDMI Vive Pro

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On 7/24/2018 at 8:37 PM, HackPerception said:

Hello , 


The Vive Pro is not compatible with HMDI or any output, adapter, or generic device that uses HDMI as its display protocol. Simply put, HMDI is a pretty dated standard and it's unable to handle the bandwidth required to drive the Pro. 


Your best bet is to check to see if your laptop as a MiniDisplayPort or USB-C port that is DisplayPort 1.2+ compatible. This adapter works with most compatible USB-C ports, and the 3-foot variation of this MiniDisplayport  to MiniDisplayport cable has proven to be reliably compatible. 

hi bro i have a issue with vive pro headset i connect with minidp tp dp port in desktop vga card port but headset not working pls suggest me some salution


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