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Displayport to HDMI Vive Pro

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Hello to everyone,

Looking to get some help with a converter.  I have purchased the Vive Pro and one of the cables is a Displayport.  I have a laptop that has an HDMI port and looking to see if there's an adaptor from Displayport to HDMI or is there a new cable that I can replace and purchase? I would really appreciate any feedback. 

Thank you!





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Hello , 


The Vive Pro is not compatible with HMDI or any output, adapter, or generic device that uses HDMI as its display protocol. Simply put, HMDI is a pretty dated standard and it's unable to handle the bandwidth required to drive the Pro. 


Your best bet is to check to see if your laptop as a MiniDisplayPort or USB-C port that is DisplayPort 1.2+ compatible. This adapter works with most compatible USB-C ports, and the 3-foot variation of this MiniDisplayport  to MiniDisplayport cable has proven to be reliably compatible. 

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Hello, I have the cable propblem - there's no displayport in my computer and tried many adapter from minidisplay to HDMI - no result - I'm lucky to find your answer before any more futile HDMI-testing.

I do have a minidisplay port in my laptop - doen not no the version number - so I will try minidispay - minidislay cable - the link in your answer, how ever, (...of this MiniDisplayport to Minidisplay port) goes to same page as This adapter-link concerning  USB-C ports - can you correct the link to the right minidisplay-minidisplay page.

There seems to be many alternatives for minidisplay-minidisplay cables in Ebay and in Amazon.


Wishes from Lassi from Finland


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  • You cannot use any sort of adapter, convert, cable, ect... to drive a Vive Pro via HDMI. The Pro must be driven by a port that specifically supports MiniDisplayport 1.2+ signaling.
  • If looking for a MiniDisplayport -> Minidisplayport cable, you'll want to hit the following specs:
    • Under 2 meters in length
    • Capable of supporting 4K at a minimum of 20gbps. 
  • The cable we've recommended most often is this one: Cable Matters Mini DisplayPort Cable (Mini DP Cable) in Black 3 Feet - 4K Resolution Ready
    • This cable is known to be compatible with Pro and we use this cable for all of our team's VR laptops. Other cables may be compatible if they meet the reqs I posted above; this cable for sure works and is under $10 USD. 
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Hello, and very much thank you for your message, I also got answer from customer support center, but not so precise as yours (4K and 20 gbps). I ordered the cable you recommended.

While waiting the cable (delivery takes about a week), do I cause any damage to the system if I test a 10 gbps cable I purchased earlier (just 5 euros) or another Hama MiniDisplay to Display-cable (4K Ultra HD, gbpd capability unknown) together with the cable that came with the glasses?



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I have the same problem here, I have a laptop with Intel® Core™ i9-9880H CPU and Nvidia 2070 GPU, and my output options are these:
1x HDMI 2.0b
1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C support DisplayPort™ / G-SYNC
With standard displays both interfaces are working fine 3840x2160@60Hz, even simultaneously. Which one should I try to get a converter cable for in order to use it with the Eye Pro?
Do I need a usb-c to mini display port cable only, a 8K usb-c to displayport 1.4, an active HDMI2.0b to displayport adapter, or something that supports data transfer as well? 
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