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[SOLVED] Sound distortion and complete loss of sound after while


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I do have Vive Pro for quite a while already, but since beginning there is an issue with a sound. In 80% of time sound works well all the time. Sometimes, especially when I put away HMD for a while, sound is lost and I need to turn off/on linkbox to get the HMD restarted. After that usually sound works well again (of course I usually need to exit the game and restart it, as default sound system disappeared for a while).

Sometimes loss of a sound starts with sound distorsion, crackling and sometimes even very high volume static from headphones.


What I did: nVidia driver complete uninstall, wipe and clean install. Vive software complete uninstall and reinstall, changing of default sound device (Steam sound, nVidia HDMI, Vive Pro sound device). In "developer" section of SteamVR I turned off power savings for USB devices, Win10 runs in max performance profile (no USB nor other devices power saving).


Is my HMD faulty or is it rather SW issue?


I'm running Win10, 16GB RAM, nVidida GTX1070, i5-7600K, MoBo MSI Z270-GAMING-M3 with USB VR support. FW of base station and HMD are up to date, Steam and SteamVR are up to date. All my PC drivers are up to date, BIOS is up to date.

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Seems I tested poorly and tried nVidia sound device only after the issue with sound appeared. At that time HMD sound HW was already toasted, so it seemd switching audio to another device does not help.

However running now sound as NVIDIA High Definition Audio (and completely disabled VIVE Pro Multimedia Audio) works well already after couple of restarts and some 1 hour long session.


Conclusion: Steam VR / VIVE sound drivers are trash, use nVidia audio.

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