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Watching movies


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I am interested in this headset simply to watch movies. (I have never played a video game before and do not intend to start any time soon.)


My question is, will it be an immense hassle to just watch movies? I read elsewhere that you need a Steam account, etc. Is there anyway I can simply plug this into, say, an iPhone, and watch a downloaded movie on a plane? (Presumably freaking out all the other passangers.)


For instance this requires a DisplayPort. Not sure there is a Lightening to DisplayPort adaptor, for starters. Then the Vive is supposed to be controlled by handsets and other VR gadgetry, towers...can a movie be watched without any of those?


In brief, I am used to watching movies at home on a big screen with a projector. But I travel constantly and it would be nice to pass part of a 10-hour flight with something better than a laptop display. I had a Sony headset 15 years ago which was 480i and extremely uncomfortable. But it was also plug-and-play (analog S-Video jack only) and you could even watch a movie lying on a beach. There is no HD version of such a gadget these days it seems, so I thought I should adapt a VR set. I fear it may be very cumbersome.


I would very much appreciate any response.

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, the Vive is a desktop setup meant to be used in a fixed space. You wouldn't be able to use it on a plane as it requires to external laser sources to be mounted in the environment. We have a standalone VR HMD called the Vive Focus but its only available to developers.  This is probably one of those cases where you'd probably want to get a cellphone based VR solution or look into standalone system currently available as our hardware platform is still in pre-release. 

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