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Debouncing system on input pins


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I am trying to use the input pins as a serial input, but when I tested it, it only worked with very few speed (10Hz). I believe that it's because it has a debouncing system that supresses higher frequencies so the buttons behave correctly.


Can you confirm that to me?


PD: How can I get permission to start a topic in the developers forum? Because I think the questions I ask would fit better there than here.

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, I just checked in with the tracker team. The pins are not designed to transmit serial data, they're designed as binary contacts that use High/Low voltage states for simple input. More complex input would be achieved by using another radio (like BT) to transmit your data or via data over USB. With tracker 18' USB data transmission is not supported yet (but it does work with first gen trackers). We're currently working on bringing data over USB to tracker 18' and it will be available in a future update. 

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