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50001 on achievements


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Im trying to get viveport achievements set up in my app, and I've been having trouble with pulling information on unlocked achievements.  I run init, and is ready, downloadstats and get achievements.  During which I can debug out my viveport userId, userName, and userAvatarUrl.  However I dont download any achievements and get error code 50001.  Anyone know whats going on?

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I dont know if this will help you but the documentation says that it could be one of two things 

  1. Please use correct account name / password to login again.
  2. Please use correct VIVEPORT ID / VIVEPORT KEY for your content.


Double checking my app id, dosent work, but i am having trouble finding where I would put in my viveport key.

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Hi : 


First, I would like to clarify the problem you got first. 

You call Api.Init(), UserStats.IsReady() works fine, but call UserStats.DownloadStats() got error 50001, right? 

If yes, please help check
1. You copy correct "Viveport ID" to your code from your developer console , like attached,

2. Use your developer account to login VIVEPORT .

Then try it again.

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