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Review of the virtual reality glasses HTC Vive


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Simple, easy to use design

HTC Vive has a system connected to the computer. Highlights of the HTC Vive is the 37-sensor system on the front that is connected to two wireless infrared cameras located at the corner of the room (at a distance of 3 - 4 m). This camera combines with HTC Vive to create a virtual space that allows players to enter that world.


Glasses are designed to hold the head close but still give the user a sense of comfort. This helps to create a pleasant feeling for the user, increasing the usage time.


Experience the HTC Vive

In your first experience you will be standing on a ship under the sea. You will see fish swimming around extremely lively. You can choose to participate in a museum exploration tour, watch movies, study or even play Zombie shooting.

Next you will be taken to a kitchen. When I was asked to take the utensils and ingredients for the tomato soup, my controller turned into a hand. And I can easily control them. This is a great experience.

3D canvas is one of the best test of HTC Vive. It allows me to use the full use of the controller and allow me to connect to the space in all directions.

3D virtual reality technology in the future will go even further.

With HTC Vive, HTC and Vavle are gradually realizing their commitment to making a virtual reality world. However, this is just the beginning and in the future there will be more wonderful products.

The product is expected to be released this Christmas.

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