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Repair tracking - ticket not found


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Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I bought an HTC Vive kit. Mounted it, started playing, two days after the Visor stops working for no apparent reason.

I contacted support and promptly received a ticket ID (personal information removed)  and an UPS transaction to send my Visor in repair.

UPS confirmed the package arrived last wednesday and I was told repairs would take 5 working days, so today I checked for my ticked status.

However the repair tracking service (https://e2e-tracking-us.htc.com/) can't find my ticket ID. I've seen several complaints of said service not working, is it still the case?

The url has "us" in it, maybe it refers to the location? In that case I should be using the corresponding European service, but I can't seem to find it.


Any help would be appreciated,


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