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Vive USB disconnecting


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I ran VIVE for like a week perfectly, but then i unplugged the hdmi on gpu, put there my second monitor to try something, but when i connected back the Vive, something went wrong. Everything loaded when i started my SteamVR, everything in USB lighted up, then i hear the usb disconnect sound and entire vive headset usb ports are greyed out. This reconnects after like every 10 seconds. I tried reinstalling steamVR, reinstalling all usb devices, plugging it into other USBs but i just can't keep up anymore, i need help :(

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I had a companion over to VR yesterday, and he was Gorning and everything was incredible. He ended up having his fill and required a sever to sweat towel, which he did, and afterward we chose to dispatch up some Raw Data.thats an common issue faced by people resolving problem related to htis i publish here  - Acer Support 

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