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Missing Frames


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I bought the vive and it came the 8/1/2018 plugged it did the setup and I can play only games for 10 minutes then I start "missing frames". When this happens it won't stop until I set the headset down for a while. My cpu will be going at 40% usage then this happens and it jumps to 100% percent this same thing also happens to my gpu. My computer is VR ready so I don't understand. This happens on all games I test it on and steamVR home. I've check my system temperatures and its not due to over heating, I've cleaned my pc from dust, cleaned my ssd and hdd, downloaded new gpu drivers, shutdown background apps, joined steamVR beta, did the reprojection tweak, and uninstalled recent windows updates. None of it helped. I have noticed while my game is lagging I can press the steamVR menu and that will be smooth but when I close it my game will still lag. I don't know whats happening but its making my games unplayable. Please Help

My Specs:

16 gb RAM

GPU:GTX 1060 6GB

CPU: i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 cores)

OS: Windows 10 Pro v 1803

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