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Headset Connected but not Tracking


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So I've had my vive for a day now, and I was only able to get it working (semi-smoothly) for about 3 minutes once. Whenever I plug in my vive it will load up the steam vr room, and work fine for a few seconds. After a few seconds it starts twitching, nothing too crazy. Then it suddenly enters hyperdrive and I'm zooming accross the house at mach 10. Then the screen goes gray. It'll then go between twitchy, zoom and gray until I turn it off or reset it. 


I've already tried multiple fixes for whatever this is, including...

-covering/ removing all reflective material

-taking in and out the wires inside the HMD, to the hub and out

-Remove all SteamVR USB Devices

-change my graphics card driver, currently using388.71 because people online said it was the best

-changing the firmware to older versions on the bases

-connecting direcly too my computor

-trying different channes and locations on the bases

-using steamvr beta/ regular

-making it so my computor uses max power for usb's (or something along thoes lines)


-praying to all sorts of different gods

-turning it on and off again


All lights are green: on bases, vive and remotes. All small red dots are present on the bases and they are angled correctly. I checked with the check my room setting in developer. Here is the message I get, it only says this when it is zooming or gray. When it twitches it says everyting is fine.









And again everything is green, this includs all phisical pieces. I simply can't find what's wrong, and I'm starting to consider the fact that it might be the headset itself. So you know, if anybody has a solution to my problem please tell me.

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The symptoms are very much in line with reflection or perhaps a foreign source of IR light. Could you share some photographs of your play space? You can send them privately if that works better for you.
A small note: Do not ever attempt to rollback firmware for any reason. That will almost certainly cause problems rather than fix them. In some cases it may even brick devices.

It was used as a sort of jury rigged solution back in the Vive Pre and earlier days by devs and engineers, but it is not a viable or safe action to take for your Vive.

Thank you,
-John C

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Well I took the headset too my friends house (who currently has a working vive setup), and the same issue continued. So I'm going to take the necessary steps to get my vive replaced. 


Thank You anyways!

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