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Repair tracking sill not working?


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Hello everyone,

I bought an HTC VIVE kit two weeks ago; had fun for a couple of days and then the Visor stopped working.

I contacted support which prompty opened a ticket for me (personal information removed) and gave me a free UPS transaction to send my Visor in repair.

According to UPS my package was delivered 25/07/2018. Since I had been told the repair service should take 5 working days plus shipping time today I tried to find my ticked ID on the repair tracking service (https://e2e-tracking-us.htc.com/), but it cannot be found.


I've read of cases similar to mine, is the tracking service still not working?
Also, from the forums you get a pretty bad impression of the overall repair service. Is that 5 days something realistic or what should I expect?

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