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Having Issues with wireless HTC Vive Headset w/ Audio straps


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For about a year my htc vive with the wireless tpcast extenstion and audio straps have been having major issues. Whenever I start up VR It'll take 2 times to get the display to show but all it will show is green in both eyes or pitch black, and constantly will flicker static. I have yet to figure out why but the compositor/application will always be red when on, and I apprently also lose frames big time.. anywhere. Please help, I really have no clue of what I should do at this point, I think it has to do with the connection of the headset because sometimes it'll appear just fine tracking on the monitor but won't show anything in the headset. 

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Hello ,

If you're having issues specifically when using your Vive with TPCast - you'll have to contact their support team as we don't actually provide support for their product. If you're able to replicate the issue while the HMD is wired, then we can work to try and debug the HMD but this seems like a TPCast specific error. 

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