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optical noise on dark backgrounds


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When playing the Overview game/experience, there are many stars on a black background.  The headset has a lot of optical noise (low level speckles on what should be a totally black background) and this is very distracting in Overview.   Is there any way to moderate or eliminate the thousands of bad pixels?

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, This is a limitation of the current HMD based OLED technology - it's called a "mura". Every single HMD has its display mura profile calibrated in the factory during manufacturing and it requires specialized optical technology. The profile for each HMD is unique and saved onto the device. As the OLED panels age, the mura pattern can change. There's no way to fix it on the user side - If it gets tremendously bad, you can RMA the HMD but otherwise it's a limitation of the technology. 

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I have one of the new higher density headsets, which arrived in April or May; it only has about 10 hours of use. Surely the mura would not have changed so much as to be unsatisfactory in such a short time.


How do I go about getting an RMA created please



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