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Camera feed stop working in Unity after updating SteamVR Beta to 1533861641


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Hi all,


I started testing out SRWorks SDK yesterday and everything was up and running just fine, but today when I was trying to continue, the camera feed just never showed up in Unity, leaving the image plane a plain white board instead of live camera feed.


The SRWork log shows no ERROR, camera test works properly, and the only modification I can tell so far is the SteamVR Beta Update, so I'm wondering if anyone has encountered the same issue, or it's just me and how can I fix it. Thank you!


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Hi, I just changed my steamvr to beta version, it downloaded the newest version automatically (ver. 1534208722). And I face the same problem above , actually I haven't succeed in running the sample correctlly while I use the normal steamvr version nor the v1527117754 hotfix version. The Sample shows nothing but blue screen .

My windows version is 10.0.17134.228 64 bit , Unity version is 2017.4.3f1 , SRWorks version is 0.7.5

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