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Vive Pro Long Distance Install


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I am planning on purchasing a Vive Pro and due to room constraints I plan to install the Vive in the room directly above my computer room, I have an electrician in the family, so installing cables through the walls and ceiling isn't an issue, but I'm not sure what cables would be best to use for it.

I plan on having the cables go right from my computer to the loft space directly above where the Vive would be used, and have the link box there and the cable connecting it to the Vive itself go through the ceiling to connect to it to minimise issues with the cable getting in the way.


Is this a smart plan and if it is, which cables should I get, and if it isn't, what would be a better way to do it? I am prepared to spend a good amount of money on this as my entire PC will need overhauling anyway as it is about 6 years old and I have plenty saved up for projects such as this.

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