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error : 50001 from testers but not from mine


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I'm running a beta build through Viveport. My own account (admin) can view and submit scores successfully with no error, but when my testers run it, the scores don't get submitted and they get ID errors:


DownloadLeaderboardHandler error: 50001

UploadLeaderboardScoreHandler error : 50001


Looking at my testers log files, I can see that everything other than the leaderboard connection is working as it should. It retrieves the licence succesfully and gets their usernames from Viveport with no problems. It's only the leaderboards that are giving me this error. And only on testers systems not mine.


As I don't actually use any ID details to talk to the leaderboard, I don't see why it would give me authentication errors. What might be causing this?





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From the troubleshooting page on the on-line document, please help check: 

1. You have logged in the Viveport and start the content. 

2. In the content, you are using correct VIVEPORT ID and VIVEPORT Key in your content. 

Let me know if you still get the problem. Thanks. 

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