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Is there any way to find out about importing+shipping fees when ordering from Europe before buying?

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I'd like to buy a HTC Vive, but they are very expensive in my country, but I see that the European HTC Vive store has it for 600€, which is a nice price, and the store shows that the "Estimated" Shipping and handling with tax is 0€. Sounds great, and actually, too good to be true(for me at the least).


I live in Hungary, and I do not know how much import fees would cost(my country is part of the European Union, so if someone knows where they ship the Vive from(when ordering from withing an other country that is part of the EU, then ther are no import fees), neither do I know the shipping fee :/


Is there any way I can find it out what the final price would be for sure?


Thanks for the help in advance!

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