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As I've been using this website (community.viveport.com), I have noticed a large number of issues, which I thought would be helpful to pass on.


  1. Inconsistent logging in: I use my Google account to log in, and I notice that I occasionally log out of my account, but it happens randomly. E.g. If I close my Chrome tab of Viveport, reopen Chrome and comeback to the website, I am still logged in. I can then try this again, and I am logged out.
  2. My notifications are not currently working: I can currently see a red circle with the number '2' in it next to my profile picture. All other times I have used this website, this has worked, but today it isn't.
  3. Inconsistent design: When a contest submission is viewed from 'Entres', it appears as 'Liked' or the option to 'Like' it. When I open the individual submission, it is shown as 'Liked' (which is good), or the option to 'Kudo' it. I think the 'Kudo' button should be changed to a 'Like' button, so that the design is consistent.
  4. Misc. Contest things: There are a few small things that need fixes around the contest pages. When I am on an individual entry, I have the option to 'View all entries'. This takes me back to the homepage of the contest, not the entries. Shouldn't this take me back to the entries?

Overall, the website is mostly great! It just needs a few small polishes to make it even greater! I will also continue to help report these things in the future, but it would be helpful to have a way to report bugs/things wrong with the website, not just the Vive itself.


EDIT: Also, I can confirm that the notifications don't work in either MS Edge or Firefox.

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Hey  thanks for the eagle-eyes! We've talked on PM but let me grab a couple of these...


1) This might be related to Google+ login, but I can't really be sure. We do have a 'timeout' set for the forums but it's pretty high... generally I find myself logged out when I'm away overnight, but that's it. If you can figure out a sequence that's reproducible, I'll escalate.


2) This is my current SNAFU of the day. :) Being fixed.


3) Yep, that 'Kudo' thing was a bug, and should now be fixed.


4) I'll take a look at this as well.


Feel free to keep reporting site issues; you can throw them in Technical Support as well, if you want. Tags are your friend, so feel free to tag them as 'website' or 'forums' as I will do on this post. :)

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On the forum, can you list more then 10 topics by page. thanks.

We're looking at various perfomance issues right now, so I need to keep the topics the same while we benchmark - but we can come back to this in future. :)


Pester me again on this though. ;)

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