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My terrible Vive / HTC support story


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OK, I have been meaning to write this up / post it for a few days now, but have been hoping something would change with my current predicament.


On 29th July I contacted Vive support regarding an issue with one of my lighthouse / base stations showing a red light and not tracking - a 'Fault 03' issue as reported by Steam. After some dialogue with one of the reps we tried some firmware rollbacks which unfortunatley didn't bring my unit back from the dead, and on 03 August the rep agreed that I would need to RMA it back to the repair depot in Romania, and sent me a UPS shipping prepaid label.


Packaging the unit up on the following Saturday, I dropped it off at a UPS pickup point and the tracking code notified me the unit was recieved on the 6th August. Quick delivery, I was impressed.

On the 8th August I recieved a mail from the repair center stating they had made the fix to the laser assembly in my base station and had shipped it back to me - once again, a quick turnaround and I would have been very happy, except:


The repair center email included a scan / image of the return label used to send the unit back to me, and somewhere along the line my address in Newcastle UK had been swapped with an address in Nottingham - 160 miles away, a city I've never been to and don't know anyone there.


I immediatley replied to the email stating 'This isn't my address, please tell me you haven't sent it to the wrong place' and resupplying my correct shipping address for the third time, and CCing the email in to the HTC support ticket I originally opened so all the information was available for the Vive rep to read and understand.


Now here you would think that this was a clear, cut and dried case of someone making an error with the return shipping address and the correct corporate response would be to apologise and immediatley send out a replacement unit to the correct address, all the information is noted in the call logs and emails to make this decision?


No, Vive support is of the opinion since that the unit has been delivered to *an address* and signed for by *someone*, they have acted correctly and this is no longer their problem. No matter that the incorrect shipping address is completely their issue in black & white and the return tracking number clearly states it was signed for over a hundred miles away from me.


I have gone round in circles with the Vive 'live chat' support several times since, with the chat logs all emailed to me to be kept as more evidence of a complete lack of care and no admission of error by the support team. I have requested this issue be escalated to a manager / supervisor multiple times and this was agreed in the chat, but nothing has come of it.  I have asked to be contacted directly by a manager and promised a phone call back within 24 hours multiple times, with no call appearing.


So now I am stuck with an expensive VR unit I cannot use, and zero help from the manufacturer. I am beyond disgusted by the shoddy service I have recieved, and honestly am not expecting it to improve.


Where to go from here? 

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Please email my team HERE referencing this thread and please include your repair ticket (and any other tickets that may have been generated).  We will escalate to the appropriate folks. If you run into any issues send me a PM with the info.


Thank you,

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