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headset repair


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I own a vive arcade. 8 vive business edition headset. one headset stopped working about 3 weeks ago. I have tried through vive chat and even my local vive rep to try to get this resolved. All I need is a mailing label and where to send it off to and hopefully a line of communication I can count on. My warrenty runs through December. Please if anyone sees this, please respond. I've had 3 non productive full day chats with no solution, no next steps. I received an email last week that I would be contacted at the beginning of the week with instructions but that never happened.

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I had this same issue recently. You need to bug the hell out of HTC to get an RMA number and shipping information. They do not provide a shipping label, you have to pay to ship it back.

Send another email to them and explain that you will be filing a complaint with the FTC for them not honoring their warranty and not responding in a timely manner. That is what I ended up having to do. Its one of the worst customer service and repair experiences I have ever had and HTC needs to really work on this issue.

Send them an email every day if you have to. Then file a complaint against them if they don't respond. After I threatened to file one I received an RMA and shipping instructions within 24 hours...lol

Good luck!

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