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Vive Pro Controllers acting odd


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So my workplace got a Vive pro to show off, yet the controllers are acting a bit...odd.I swapped the equipment out and use the same ports that worked fine for the vive Gen 1.....but.......issues! :(


Now i've un/reinstalled Steam VR, and everything is updated. The problem is the light statues (maybe) and controllers acting up.


What is happening is we keep the controllers always plugged in when not in use. The lights however are not changing. The only time I can get the orange lights to come on is when the controller is off. Otherwise it will always stay green, but with the older model whenever i plugged it back inafter use the lights would change to orange. I also don't get the red flashing light and had a controller die all of a sudden with no indications, until i looked at its health in steams dashboard. The readout on the vr control area showed all green across the board with no red warning light.


The biggest issue is the controllers have a high chance that they will also go into an unpaired state whenever the controllers turn off. The lights will also stay green, and thats even when its greyed out on the control box and don't show up in the hud. Their is also a chance when i turn on steam vr and pop on the controllers that the lights are green, but they are not paired or registered. I've never had the older controllers do this on me and all work fine with no issues of this kind.


My work around is never having them turn off (no sleep/idle mode as it breaks them) and only have to maybe re pair them in the moring (3 of the 5 days we are open, sometimes maybe 2 of the 5). I can force this issue too if i casually turn them off or on via button or turn idle back on.


Are these defective?(I think so) or do the controllers on the vive pro act differently?



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We have two Pro's..and what you are experiencing is not normal. Have you checked if there is a firmware update for them? I know there has been at least one issued since the release of the Pro unit.

If not, then they are definately defective. Once paired, they should stay that way until you either unpair them OR if you unplug the link box. When they go into their "sleep" or standby mode they should not have to be paired when you turn them on again. Check the Developer settings in SteamVR too. Make sure nothing in there is set that could be causing a problem, like the lighthouses being in Power Management mode. I have seen that cause issues when it is checked and on.

Otherwise...good luck with trying to get them fixed. HTC is not very good about responding to warranty requests.

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