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[ViveSR] Update DISTORTED Error 1


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When using the Unreal example I am getting tons of LogTemp and LogHMD warnings.


LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] Update DISTORTED Error 1
LogHMD: Warning: SteamVR Compositor had an error on present (108)


Looking in ViveSR_DualCameraImageCapture.cpp ViveSR_DualCameraImageCapture::UpdateDistortedImage() Line 181 The following lines are returing a result of  1 which is INVAILD_INPUT


The snippit of code is returning iveSR_GetMultiDataSize and iveSR_GetMultiData is returing INVAILD_INPUT

if (!InitialDistortedPtrSize) {
result = ViveSR_GetMultiDataSize(sr_module_id, DataInfoDistorted, NUM_DATA_DISTORTED);
InitialDistortedPtrSize = result == ViveSR::SR_Error::WORK;

result = ViveSR_GetMultiData(sr_module_id, DataInfoDistorted, NUM_DATA_DISTORTED);
if (result == ViveSR::SR_Error::WORK)
DistortedPoseLeft = FMatrix(
FPlane(RawDistortedPoseLeft[0], RawDistortedPoseLeft[4], RawDistortedPoseLeft[8], RawDistortedPoseLeft[12]),
FPlane(RawDistortedPoseLeft[1], RawDistortedPoseLeft[5], RawDistortedPoseLeft[9], RawDistortedPoseLeft[13]),
FPlane(RawDistortedPoseLeft[2], RawDistortedPoseLeft[6], RawDistortedPoseLeft[10], RawDistortedPoseLeft[14]),
FPlane(RawDistortedPoseLeft[3], RawDistortedPoseLeft[7], RawDistortedPoseLeft[11], RawDistortedPoseLeft[15]));
UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("[ViveSR] Update DISTORTED Error %d"), result);





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Hi Dario, I just got it running with the SteamVR non-beta and those Logs went away except for the LogHMD: Warning:  SteamVR Compositor had an error on present and now I am getting a the following log


LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] Update DEPTH Error 1.


Using the Experence Unreal I am not getting any DepthImage or DynamicMeshing generated at all ? Are there a few more steps I need to do to get this running ? I feel like I am almost there...

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