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Vive Base Station not working/tracking properly


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Having a very frustrating problem with my Vive.  I have been getting a lot of jumpy games lately.  The picture just either goes gray for several seconds or glitches and the picture jumps.

I noticed that one of the base stations sounds louder than the other one.  Like there is a motor inside that's struggling.  I also noticed that that same base sation, when I'm in the VR world...is not positioned properly in the virtual space.  It's a couple feet further back than it should be when I remove my headset.

I'm at a lose of what to do here.  I'm not intersted in just going to buy a new base station for over $100. Does anyone have any recommendations.  As it stands I have a useless $800 piee of hardware now...



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, just curious, how long have you had your vive?  For a while, I forgot to remove the plastic film on the front of the base stations. 

And how did you place your base stations?  Like, what kind of hardware are you using?  Tripods?  The mounts they provided?

Have you tried running the room setup thing again?

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