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Hyperkin Hyper Blaster and 2018 Tracker - Vibration possible?


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Been testing Arizona sunshine and Duck season on the Hyper Blaster and the 2018 tracker

It works but only vibrates when I press the tracker button to connect, so vibration is possible, just doesn't seem to be enabled in game


Is there a way to enable
I am using the hotfix v1527117754 version of steam which is supposed to be the verison that works with the hyperkin


I selected "light gun perif" in Duck season and selected "hyperkin" in arizona sunshine so it registered and works correctly - but I only get the vibrate when I turn the device on and never again after it turns on


My kit:
Vive Pro

2.0 lighthouses

2.0 wands

2018 tracker

Hyperkin Blaster


Any advice how to get the vibrate function to work would be great.


I have confirmed from another user who has the 2017 versions that he has vibration features in both these games, he also suggested I try setting as a controller using openvr input emulator - but this did not  help


Thanks for any advice or help!

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OK I figured it


Its the tracker


I have 3 trackers now all 2018


2 are from a store and dated june

1 is direct from vive and dated august


I have 2 Hyperkins too, with the store bought June versions x2 they both vibrate in Duck season and Arizona sunshine

With the august verison direct from vive they only vibrate when turned on, never after that


They all say latest firmware, but the august one required me to do it myself while the 2 working june ones came with it -strange because of the dates


Any further advice from what info I have here - or do I send the non rumbler back to vive with possible fault?



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