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Problems with Steam Mediaplayer (Beta)


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When viewing a 3ds Max (Vray) render in the Steam Mediaplayer the height increases almost exponentially, depending on how small the room is. For instance, when rendering a living room the height looks and feels OK, looking a bit further into the room. Looking directly behind or below you the room gets very high. 

With a bathroom render, height 2,7m, ratio 2:1 (either single or stereo top/bottom) the height looks like it's 4-5m instead.


I don't think it's the pictures, since they look fine when I view them in other application such as the viewer on youtube for instance.


Anyone has any idea how to solve this?



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Hi there. Thank you for your question. This forum is for Vive and Viveport related issues as well as VR discussion. For technical issues or bugs with specific applications, please contact the developers of the application in question. In this case, you'll want to post your question on the Steam community pages so Valve can get back to you.

Thank you,

-John C

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