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Vive Pro Wireless adaptor


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I have been planning on getting a Vive Pro but I have been having issues as it seems the cables would struggle to get the distances I need, and then I noticed that the wireless adaptor is about to be released, but I have some questions to make sure it would work in my situation.

1. What is the maximum transmission distance for the wireless adaptor to the computer it is connected to?

2. As the ceiling / floor void between my computer and the preferred location of the player equipment has been substantially insulated and sound proofed,which has resulted in some intermittent wifi signal deficiency (the router is located next to my compuer), i am concerned as to whether this solution would operate effectively.

3. I have been unable to find any actual description on how the base stations send information to the computer, but based on what I have read I believe that they send their information to the headset and from there to the computer, is this correct? And if not, how is it actually done.

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1. The system is rated for a 6 meter transmission range in typical in-home environments.

2. WiGig is a line of sight technology. It will not transmit through dense surfaces such as walls.

3. Basestations simply provide timing data to the HMD - they don't really communicate actively beyond the timing data that the lighthouses spit out. In short, the basestations send out timing data which is recieved by the HMD and then calcuated on the PC to render an HMD pose. The exception to this is for bluetooth power management which is a use case where the HMD directly connects to the stations. Basestations are really complex,

is the best explanation of how the system works and will answer any questions you may have. 
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For the Vive Pro it requires a displayport 1.2 and a usb 3.0 cable to connect to the PC when using a wired version, from what I understand, using the Wireless Adaptor only requires one Displayport 1.2 cable to connect to the PC and not a usb cable as well, is this correct?

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