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Vive Lighthouse Horizontal LED stopped working (fault 02)


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I was playing on my vive one week ago after a recent software update of the lighthouses and all of the sudden i had no more traking when I turned to one of my Lighthouses. I took the headset off on to see on my monitor "...fault 02...". I looked on the internet to see what this fault 2 meant and I remained shocked. So many people had their lighthouses fried because of this update. I tried downgrading the firmware updating it again and nothing.

I am pretty sure that the motors of the lighthouses are working as I can hear them when I plug it in. The only thing that I do not understand is how can a simple firmware update destroy my lighthouse?

I almost forgot to mention that the lighthouses stayed in the same position since I mounted them and I never moved them while they were on.

I don't even know what can I do now. I am very dissapointed.

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