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Vive Pro Firmware not working/ refusing to update


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So, sadly I have yet another issue with the Vive Pro. It seems that it doesn't want to update the headset at all. It always fails, and yes I have tried what it recommends of unplugging and such.


I have fresh installed steam VR and drivers. Still wants to update.....everything is updated. Tried beta/ non beta, tried varify.....even tried pray to god and satan. Thing won't do anything. The file log states its 0/288 or whatever and its a neccessary update....but nope.


Its the Audio Bridge update that is refusing to do anything. Won't update or go away even though it was working fine two days ago. Sound works fine, save for some static, but it F***in won't do anything even when doing the fail safe it meantions.



Any thoughts?

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