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HTC are claiming I have broken my Vive!


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Almost two months ago my Vive broke after only 4 months of use. HTC has claimed the damage is my fault. This is not true as when I removed it from my head it fell apart in my hands, the entire thing is held together with a small piece of plastic, not the build quality I expect from a £500 device. I sent off for the Vive to be repaired and after a week they got back to me claiming it is not under warranty even though I haven't caused any damage to the headset and they can't provide evidence that I have. I have been going in loops with different people from customer support, I realise this is not their fault and am very grateful for their time but HTC's policy is ridiculous. They are expecting me to pay £45 just to get my headset back from them unrepaired and £70 to get it repaired, also there are bank fees as they expect you to send the money to Romania so that adds another £50 on top. This is the worst policy I have ever seen. DO NOT SEND OFF YOUR VIVE TO HTC!


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This is getting all too common.. I've now spoke with 3 people in the last 7 days about troubles with customer support.. HTC really needs to get their customer support together if they want to continue as a successful business or people will catch on and give up on HTC. Cheap components are all too familiar as well, such as the touchpad button in the vive controllers and sweat damaging the HMD. HTC needs to spend more time improving their current products than working on new things. I understand they want to move forward but abandoning current defects in products they are still selling is ridiculous.. If you speak with  , he may be able to help you out. I'd say the customer support on this website is even better than on their official customer support page, but that would be implying customer support even exists over there.. HTC is doing great things and I love their product, but please, please, please make customer support a higher priority, if not the highest.


EDIT: I should also point out that, in regards to your "DO NOT SEND OFF YOUR VIVE TO HTC!" comment, I couldn't agree more. I've read too many nightmares that other people have had with HTC's RMA department when it comes to repairs.. I don't care what happens to my Vive, I'm better off somehow fixing it myself than sending it off to HTC.

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