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Vive Tracker in Unity


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I am trying to get my vive tracker working in unity, I have added it as a child to the camera rig and have the left and right controllers on and added to the appropriate slots in the controller manager script, I have the tracker added as an element in the objects section of the controller manager. The trakcer game object has a SteamVR Tracked Object script associated.

When I press play both controllers track fine but the tracker is not tracking or reading its position/orientation. Status of all controllers/trackers in SteamVR is "This device is connected and tracking."

Any suggestions on next steps? 


Thank you.

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 - The tracker is not tracking in any setting. It is registering within Unity as active, and the SteamVR status is "connected and tracking" and my controllers are tracking properly in Unity. However, movement of the tracker is not registering. When I play my scene the transform components for the controllers are updating but the transform compenets for the tracker stays blank.


Thank you, I tried using Vive Input Utility and got the same results.

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, that's why I'm specifically asking if it tracks within a generic SteamVR compositor environment rather than Unity - if so, that means that the tracker is functioning properly and that something is weird on the Unity integration side. If it simply doesn't track within SteamVR, than either the dongle or the tracker itself may be defective and you should arrange an RMA via the live chat at https://www.vive.com/us/support/contactus/ (avoid using the contact form and stick to live chat). 

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