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Rendering Image Using OpenVR


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Hi , 

two days ago , I wrote a post how to render image to headset using C.
and they give me a hint for solution using OpenVR to render this image .

(SRWorks C  dont support rendering image to headset ).

Can anyone give example in openVR how to render static image ( for example read jpeg image ) and render it to headset( 2D is needed) , I try so search for something very simple and did not find .

-> what we want to acheive is 
read image from VIVE and present or render it back to VIVE ( LCD or screen)  using C, between the stage of reading image  and rendering it we perfom some modfication on the image .

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OpenVR has several sample projects. In this case, you're likely wanting to work with the OpenGL sample, as OpenGL and OpenCV play very nicely. You may need to rebuild OpenCV to include native OpenGL support, as I believe the distributed OpenCV that comes with the SRWorks SDK was not built with OpenGL support.


If you're not already familiar with graphics programming or have not worked extensively with OpenGL or another similar specification, I'd recommend using the existing OpenVR sample application for OpenGL, and then integrating the SRWorks SDK into it, as opposed to integrating OpenVR into an existing SRWorks SDK project.


The SRWorks SDK in its current state is exceptionally simple and portable, and again I'd recommend taking what you need from it into another existing project/application that already has rendering down-pat.

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