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Switching hands at runtime


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For my bowling game, do you have sample code for switching hand right to left and left to right at runtime please ?

cause i have multiplayer offline and each player play turn to turn, maybe some are left handed, other right handed, i d like to add an option for save in memory each player which hand have.


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this is the code i do, for have left hand , and right hand at statup the game in focus.


	private void CheckHandActive(){		if (WaveVR_Controller.Input(WVR_DeviceType.WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Right).connected)		{			if(WaveVR_Controller.IsLeftHanded){				rightHandController.SetActive (false);				leftHandController.SetActive (true);				userIsLeft = true;			}else{				rightHandController.SetActive (true);				leftHandController.SetActive (false);				userIsLeft = false;			}		}	}


with this code, it is ok. it is more simple like other code WaveVR_ControllerManager.

the particularity is, i need to use a right and type mode on lefthand gameObject. if i put left type, it doen't work !? that is very strange.


So after, i want to switching at runrime with a menu (What is your hand ? Right or Left ?)


i try this code but It blocked, i lost controller, it disapear.


public void ChangeHandToLeft(){	        WaveVR_Controller.SetLeftHandedMode (true);		rightHandController.SetActive (false);		leftHandController.SetActive (true);		userIsLeft = true;	}	public void ChangeHandToRight(){	        WaveVR_Controller.SetLeftHandedMode (false);		rightHandController.SetActive (true);		leftHandController.SetActive (false);		userIsLeft = false;	}

can you ask to a developper please ? for know why left type display the right hand ? and how switch.


Gige us the right code please ... you use in the menu of vive focus in settings.





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Hi ,


After checking, your code doesn't work because it's blocked due to design philosophy.

In current design we assume all hand switch is selected from setting on our Launcher.

I can imagine in your multiplayer game, you'd like each player can select right/left hand on their turn.

I'll raise this request internally how we can provide.



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Oh heard, yes it was to improve the gameplay in case there will be more players with the same HMD and if one of them is left-handed.


Ok I understand that it is before the launch of the application that it is necessary to parameter this choice. So hoping that there is not too much left-handed in the world who wants to play bowling on the Focus.

I will try to make a multi player online one to one, it could be nice.

Ok thank you for putting the info back to your teams.

I was wondering if it is possible to have two controllers with the Vive focus?

is it possible to order a single controller? because mine has fallen several times and it sometimes seems buggy and no longer hold the trigger Get pressed continuously. I sometimes have trouble grasping my object for example.

Tell you soon
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