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For everyone to be aware! Horrible HTC repair/warranty support


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This will be a bit of a long story as other people has told aswell but maybe my story is a bit different! Im a small Content creator and together with my stream i finally got enough for a Vive pro thanks to some of my savings + the help of generous donations by my community! Now i ordered my Vive pro and waited. Super excited and was told i did not have to pay customs and everything was included in the price! yey! I waited and saw the package was on the move, i was like a little kid waiting for christmas. It got to the airport in norway aaaaand its stuck.... i got a message i had to pay the customs fee... alot of chats with the support it took around 3-4 weeks before this was solved! i got told to just lay back and wait but honestly if i did that it would probably have taken longer! Finally i had my vr in my hands, started streaming it and had alot of fun with VRchat, beat saber etc u get the gist. 1 and a half month in strange things started to happen with my headsett.. my mic broke after playing beat saber... (sweat damage) i was like **bleep**... well atleest it was just the mic... but boy was i wrong... all of the sudden my headsett started flashing grey and it eventually got stuck in a grey screen... i hard reset the headsett and got it out of the gray screen but now i could only play for 30-40 min before it started flashing more and more... All this happened to my headsett while i took precaution like removing the foam to soak out the sweat with paper towel after 2-3 expert + songs... so i decided to send it in for warranty repair. I got told that as long as there was no unnormal use or physical damage, unauthorised attempted repair / software it went under the warranty... i knew i was gonna get the mail "its liquid damage and cant be repaired under warrenty mail" thats the mail EVERYONE gets .... but ive seen all the youtube videos and streamers i know has gotten sweat damaged fixed so i sent an email to the repair team and linked the video with the person getting it fixed after weeks of struggle because he is a youtuber and exposed them... then the reply i got was: The device has liquid contact and in this conditions the manufacturer does not provide warranty. Oki they claim sweat dmg is not under warranty well lets talk to the support! so i talked to the support and after alot af arguements and talking she was going to escelate this to the management and i was like finally... but again i was wrong... but this time it took a weird turn! I got this reply : Please note that after escalating to the repair center, unfortunately the escalation was rejected as the report states that the damage was more than just sweat.


Wait... so now all of the sudden its more then just sweat damage ?! strange.. i can never remember to have exposed my headsett to anything else but sweat... hmm... and why did not the repair center tell this to me when i sent that mail to them ? Also were is the so called proof ? they claim it to be something else but WHAT ?! they dont state even what it is... so this seems more to me like a wild goose chase to try to find a way for me to pay instead of getting the warranty! I did not give up so i started up the chat again and told them i would take this else were and show people how HTC deals with their customers if the support doesnt shape up and take their customers and their warranty serious because so many people have to go through this... she said she would escelate this again and i was like okay i guess third time is the charm... then i got this mail! :

Thank you for your patience, please find the final reply regarding your escalation:


We will take the unit back to Taiwan and certified with the result, in the meantime, if customer agree we could substitute for a temporary unit for him


Please make sure customer is aware we will charge all the cost back if NOT a sweat damage this will cost in excess of £500.. Once you agree, we will arrange swap and inspection…


You will be charged for inspection and transportation cost if the result suggest was not sweat damage;

If result shows it was sweat damage then you can keep the swap unit and there will be no cost at all.

Please reply with your decision or contact us.


So what this means is i either pay 165 euro for the repair and get it over with OR i get a new one and they send it for even FURTHER inspection to figure out if its just sweat.. and if it isnt i have to pay WAY MORE talking prob 600 euros... now u think why is this strange ? u know its just sweat why dont u just agree ? well for alot of reasons .. Repair center in romania already claims its more then just sweat out of the blue, i have seen no proof if there is more then sweat and now HTC is telling me they have to send it to Taiwan to find out if its more then sweat ?!?!? that means that the repair center doesnt actully know and has lied to me... so what stops HTC from just telling me oh yeah the headsett we sent to taiwan that was not sweat damage... they have all the power in this and can just lie to get more money from the customer... since there is no proof of report and they first claimed it was more then just sweat but then they tell me they have to send it to taiwan to know for sure... like hello ?!?! Well this is my first step to showing how HTC truly is... i had a good first impression when buying the vive Pro but after i have bought it, it has been a nightmare!!


Be careful everyone and stand on your rights!



Best Regards




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