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Controllers move a few inches in random directions on their own when facing a specific direction


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some background: i notice this when i play onward when i am aiming, it is currently noticeable even when i am moving around while aiming. however, when it starts to move around on me all i have to do is turn or move the controllers a bit and it snaps the position back into the correct place. unfortionatly about a second later it starts moving around on me again, forcing my aim to be several feet off.


you can see my lighthouses in the picture(when playing the desk and couch are moved out of the way). the lighthouses are marked red, the wall i am talking about is marked green. when i am facing the left wall (just to the left of the curtains in green) i notice my controllers (seems to just be the one in my right hand that is closest to my body) start to float/move to the left of the direction i am facing. initially i thought it was the lazers reflecting off a picture on the wall so i removed it, that seemed to make the issue more prominent. yesterday i went through and made large adjustments to the lighthouses to change their angles and point them more to the middle of the play area. they can now no longer see each other so i switched to A/b for the sync cable and the issue is much better, however, it is still there. there is nothing else that should be reflecting the lazers. the lighthouses are currently about 19ft apart, the play area is a 4x4 area. when the issue happens, lighthouse A can see the controller, but lighthouse B can probably barely see the controller in question if that makes a difference.


any suggestions on things to try would be great, im going to continue to try to adjust the lighthouses and see if i can get an angle that helps.

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, this may be related to the distance you stated. The 1.0 basestations are only rated to 5 meters (~15 feet). As a first step, I would try to reduce the distance between the two, the size you currently have them at are simply beyond their rating and can definitely lead to the loss of tracking (and subsequent reestablishment of tracking leading the jumps that you described). 

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I am having this exact issue. But the stations to headset/controllers is about 10'. Was there progress here?

I always have to face away from my right hand base station to avoid motion glitches. Glitching only happens in a specific angle.

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@5thWolf If it happens at specific angles it means that you likely have an environmental reflection that's causing the headset to receive confusing tracking data. If it happens when looking directly at a station, it could indicate that something is wrong with one or both of that station's laser systems. If the stations have recent firmware, they should be able to detect and report if there's a problem there though.

See here for how to confirm if it's reflections:

"Reflective surfaces" in practice are hard to track down without specialized equipment because materials interact differently with IR light than optical light. A material may not be reflective in the visible spectrum but may be highly reflective in the IR spectrum; the same is true with opacity, some visibly opaque materials will be complete transparent in IR and vice versa. To detect reflections, generate a system report or open up the SteamVR web console and search for the term "back-facing". I'll post an example of what a reflection looks like in the logs below.

  • Sun Jun 26 2016 23:02:09.676 - lighthouse: LHR-4E8EF209 H: Dropped 32312 back-facing hits, 2069 non-clustered hits during the previous tracking session
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