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usb conextion fail and unpairable controllers


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hello guys.


i have my vive for a long time now and a few week ago it just stoped working. the headset is tracking and we can see everything but the controler just don't pair with it, it was turning green but was not working with anything. so i tried like everything i could find. i tried te reset of them and all but nothing works. i can't go and do a pairing through the vr aplication because it says " your headset must be connected properrly in order to pair new controllers" the thing is that it is connected and tracking.


after trying things, uninstall, reinstall EVERYTHING, i found that when i install viveport and it goes throug the install process of the captor and everything, he's not finding the usb. when i pluged it it say on windows that the driver "htc vive" is beeing installed and after that the installation is complete but still nothing on the software. also i read somewhere that i should try to plug a usb flash drive in place of the headset in the link box and it works so not my cable or the link box is the problem.


i really love playing vr but this right now make me really sad and mad. please help i wanna play again and not trow my money by the window. thanks i apreciate it.

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ok, first thanks for the reply.

i have uninstalled all viveport and them steam vr. after that i reinstaled steam vr and then run it. its all the same. my controllers can't pair and when i try to pair them the same message come up. the headset seem to work like it vas doing but i think the usb might be not seen again i don't know. the only difference it that it see a remote that i don't have. nothing is conected right now.



thanks for your help i apreciate it :)



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The USB Controller is in a failed state or is not currently installed then this post offers some troubleshooting suggestions that may help you. After a laptop is updated, especially a Windows 10 laptop, or even sometimes during troubleshooting it, a few applications may stop working, while some might even get uninstalled. If any related problem to Kaspersky to contact  Kaspersky HTTP Error 501.

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