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Vive Pro starter kit unavailable in Canada?


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So I have been looking into getting a vive for quite some time and when I heard about the release of a vive pro version I had decided to wait on more details before getting one. After the pro was released i have gotten my hands on both versions. I very much enjoy the increased resolution of the pro verion but i cannot justify spending $1700(cad) just to get the full pro bundle or paying even more to get just the headset and ordering the 1.0 contollers and base stations seperatly. I was happy to find out about the starter kit but I have been searching for it everywhere here in canada with no luck. Does anyone have more information on its availability?

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, it looks like they've made a dedicated page for the starter kit due to its popularity. https://www.vive.com/us/product/vive-pro-starter-kit/ 


It does seem like that kit as well as the standard kit are currently out of stock. I'll reach out an inquire about that - typically though there is no simple answer as it's all dependent on real-time supply and demand and all of the shipping logistics wrapped up in that. 

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