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[Solved] SRWorks Experience import - compile errors


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I just downloaded the latest version of SRWorks unity SDK and got the plugin package demo working correctly. I have SteamVR Unity Plugin V2.0 installed in the project and after I import the experience package (Vive-SRWorks- I get a bunch of compile errors like this:

'SteamVR_Controller' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

in ViveSR_Experience_Rotator.cs

Looks like SteamVR_Controller script is obsolete, and if I import an older version of SteamVR I get other errors like Throwable script not found.

Is anyone facing the same issue ? 

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The SteamVR v2.0 Unity plugin is not backwards compatibile with previous SteamVR plugin v1.2.3 and it does warns you in the description (fortunately it provides link to download the previous version).


But it should have been an issue only with the SR Experience Unity package which uses SteamVR. You can also use the Vive Input Utility Unity plugin without SteamVR or with either version of SteamVR.



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