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Where can I purchase lighthouses? (lighthomes? lol)


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Hi.  I upgraded to the Vive Pro a few days ago.  After some hiccups with the sound, I finally have it running great.  Now I want to get the lighthouse 2.0 units.  In retrospect, I probably should have just bought the bundle so I could get it all but I originally figured hey, if it works with LH1 I'll save money.  Then I read somewhere LH2 can do four units and track a 30' x 30' area.  That's awesome!  No more grey screen when some idiot wanders into my room scale and occludes the LH.  I also love the large range; I am excitedly looking forward to ordering the wireless module Monday then renting a venue where I can setup such a large space.  


However, for all I search I cannot find anyone selling LH2 parts.  Is it not available yet for individual purchase?  If so, any idea when it may be coming?  Thanks!

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