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Is there any way to purchase just the VIVE Headset??


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My son's VIVE headset is no longer working.  We suspect the do pee'd on it but we're not 100% sure.  Nonetheless, there is a red light there but it will no longer connect to the VR.  I've looked all over the Internet hoping to purchase just a headset new (obviously there is second hand such as eBay but I prefer not to put something on my son's face that was on someone else's face). Is there anywhere where I can purchase a brand new headset only??

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Unfortunately, I don't think anyone sells just the HMD by itself brand new. There's a couple of options you have: 

1. Send the device in for repair. It'll be out of warranty but it'll run you about 270$USD and they'll replace any individual parts that have been damaged.
2. Buy a new Vive kit and sell off the controllers/base stations. There's a pretty healthy secondary market for those items.
3. Buy the Vive Pro HMD. It's compatible with your controller and base stations, but it also has improved resolution.

I hope that helps you somewhat.

Thank you,

-John C

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